Are you looking for a psychotherapist in Graz? Are you searching for a person to speak to in confidence? Are you seeking a way out of an actual crisis? Want to know yourself better?

My name is Simone Philipp. I am a psychotherapist with focus on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.

I would be happy to be there for you.

Currently, I have free capacities.

Therapeutic focuses:

Post-traumatic stress disorders as PTSD

Depersonalisation/Derealisation (please also visit for this topic my websites www.dp-behandeln.com and www.dp-selbsthilfe.at)

Psychotherapy due to somatic illnesses as cancer, asthma etc.

Depression, anxieties, relationship problems

Cognitive disorders as AVWS

I work with teenagers and adults.

Please get in contact with me:

Simone Philipp
Tel: 0650 / 6439349
or: simone.philipp@drei.at

Personal consultation (50 min): 80 Euro
Supervision or self-awareness (50 min): 80 Euro
Couples therapy/family therapy (100 min): 160 Euro

It is possible to get a refund from your health insurance company.


The sessions could take place either in my Praxis (Kärntnerstraße 212, 4th floor, 8053 Graz) or online.